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Embrace the beauty of your journey as a woman and experience a transformative day of self-discovery.

This nurturing space is designed to honour the cycles of life, where you'll be guided through the stages of seed, bud, flower, and full bloom, mirroring the seasons of nature and the stages of our own lives.

Picture yourself surrounded by like-minded women, connecting, sharing, and supporting one another on this remarkable journey of life.

Each moment of this retreat is crafted to nourish your mind, body, and soul, offering you a day of renewal and inspiration.

We begin with a captivating nia dance session that weaves movement and expression into the blooming theme.

This workshop will invite you to embrace your body's natural rhythms, and unleash your inner goddess through fluid movements and empowering choreography.

Dance has the power to connect us with our feminine essence, allowing us to celebrate our strength, grace, sensuality and intuition.

We meet you where you're at.

No dance experience is required - just an open heart and a willingness to let your spirit bloom on the dance floor!

Discover the power of aromatherapy as we delve into the profound connection between essential oils and our bodies. Learn how these natural wonders can harmonize your well-being, supporting you through the joys and challenges of womanhood. Dive into captivating workshops (please see specific events)

Leave "Bloom" feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and ready to embrace your unique journey with grace and confidence.

Connect with a tribe of remarkable women, forging lifelong friendships and a supportive network to accompany you through every season of your life.

Reserve your place today and give yourself the gift of self-care, growth and dance; blossoming into the radiant woman you were always meant to be.

I can't wait to welcome you to "Bloom: A Day of Nurturing and Growth" - where every woman has the opportunity to thrive.

What people are saying

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Thank you so much for an amazing day of relaxation and treats. It was wonderful to dance with you.

— Debs

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A day of dicovery, reflection, release... it is the most safe, gentle, energetic space. Pure magic. Can't wait to be back next time!

— Jo

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Another amazing day - very emotional - very informative and empowering.

— Jan

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